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105 thoughts on “Contact and email

  1. Dear Sinal, please send me the new password for the new Regular and the new premium, and some information for payment thank you . Martin.

  2. Hey Sinal,
    I’m a photographer myself and I admire your work. I use a Canon 650D. Would you mind telling me what lenses you use?

    • Hi,

      If you enter the word camara into the search field you´ll find all posts I wrote about my equipment, here is the one about the lense I currently use:

      650D good camera, just a bit slower than the 60D, I did some shoots with it in october and november last year.


  3. I have been an admirer of your work for some time now having been lucky enough to see it in the Members Gallery on SK.

  4. Hi there,

    i read about the possibility to place a little banner on your blog. Maybe you like to place a banner?

    Let me know!

    Have a nice day,

  5. Great site, excellent photos! I used to be a member, but was never able to “upgrade”, so I’d like to become one again. Thanks


  6. Like your photos. I have seen your posts on YGL for years now and have found your website. I am interested in joining your VIP section. Please send me e-mail. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  7. Awesome site Sinal!!! You are the master of the snapshot . Your pics is art :-))))
    Thank you my friend!!!

  8. Hi Sinal
    i cannot login: could you unblock my account? I also wish to change my password (username:bjorling2008 password: agial1975)

  9. Re:changes after 1st September,
    Can i get the upgrade to vip before you remove the option?


  10. I let my old membership expire and would like to get the VIP membership while I still have a chance. Thanks :-)

  11. Have enjoyed looking at the site from the outside, now want to see what it is like on the inside.

  12. Hi

    The past 2 days cannot login.

    Please assist.


    Your membership expired on Nov. 15,
    You can re-join for a special rate!

  13. Amazing pics! Used to look at your pics all the time but never managed to find your site.

  14. Hi Sinal!
    I come across your work from time to time and have been an appreciative fan for over four years. Just now, on my Tumblr dash I was scrolling down and as soon as I saw the top of one of your recent photos [Beach tennis no.2 GC2013 (black speedo)], before I saw your copyright mark with your name, I knew instantly that it was your work! What you do is amazing and always has been or I wouldn’t have known this was your work the way I did. I am recovering from my most recent fragging of my last Tumblr blog-PetFag24, so PetFag25 will be following you with excitement over what is to come! Thank you for your work, I wish you the greatest success and hope you will continue to publish the beauty you do for many years. Hugs ‘n’ kisses…Harry See ya in the blogosphere!

  15. I hope you’ll come to Milkboys now that it’s back online. I remember enjoying your pictures and your company in the chat (which will be up in about a month, i think) It’s now btw.

    cya :)

  16. Wish I had more money. Best I can do is what a USA disabled can do. LOVE is what I have and feel. In the name of the almighty god I do not believe in, but love anyway, so to speak, :-) please take all my small amount of money. [If it were not for people like you, we would all be dead, so to speak, HA HA :-) . ]

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