About Sinalspictures

Photography has become more than a hobby to me. As a young kid I started with video cameras and also used a Olympus OM10 to take pics. As a teenager I discovered my orientation for the same gender and started to video and take pics of my friends and boys nextdoor and at hollidays. Now at that age it is particulary difficult to get a “normal” picture from my subjects. If they spotted the camera they immediatley started to behave weird and making faces towards the lens. So I decided to make candids. With a straight forward camera that’s a hell of a job. A camcorder with a flippable LCD screen opened new ways to do that, but the stills where terrible of quality. With the todays cameras I have all oppertunities and with a professional DSLR I am confident enough to aproach people and to ask to pose for me. But there is nothing that can beat a good pic with natural behavior with non-posing subjects.

To all former members of Sinal!


It is almost December and my jubileum year comes to an end.
Yes time goes fast.

For this occasion I invate all former members personally to have their membership re-activated for the period of December (for free of course)

In 10 years there can change a lot so it is possible you receive the invite via an old email-adress. If you did not receive the invite please let me know by commenting on this post ( your input will kept hidden )

This also means that there is a new Bannercontest 🙂
Create a new top-banner for my blog for 2017 and win a free membership to my blog!

Enjoy Sinal in the December final!