Rejoin advantages to former members (this is a permanent offer):
Re-join as a Regular and you will get a Premium membership
Re-join as a Premium and you will get a VIP membership
3 times a VIP membership and you have become a lifetime member!

New option! Lifetime membership.
Since 2006 my site has been continious online (it only switched from hosts 2 times)
Now you can get a lifetime membership for only € 200,-
– No more expired memberships

Apply for Lifetime HERE

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Milestone reached! All files are now online.


Today I reached a historical milestone!
All original files that where ever published are now online.
From now I accept new members!
The fastest and easiest way to pay is with Wester Union
You can use the Contact form to apply and I will mail you back for your membership and payment details.
European inhabitants can easy pay via bankwire (SEPA-countries), ask for details.

All files are now on my own dedicated server!
Your advantages:
10 times faster download as with those file hosters (if you where premium, not to mention the ages it would take for a free account)
– No need to pay extra for download speed, this is all in.
– No limits in how many users are downloading or how much they are downloading
– No waiting times or anoying captcha codes
– Downloaded files can be bigger
– No adds or pop ups
– No spyware or coockies
– More frequent updates and posts, because I can upload 10 times faster :-)
– Files are getting better organized
– Finally its possible to get my complete collection on line, in all those years this was never the case.


Thank you,

Todays Euro/Dollar rate: 1 EUR = 1.10 1 USD = 0.91 EUR, So the Euro is getting cheaper again for Americans! :-)

New page added for Premium and VIP


As I am almost done with the re-loading of all the files from 2006 till now* (except for adding some preview images), I start with the reloading of the My Albums Page. The images on this page are not made by me but other amateur photographers.
In addition I created a sub-page here for the Premium and VIP members look HERE Today I added the first 2 albums in there.

* The page Year 2014 is far from complete because there is a huge pile of never been posted beach images coming. It is an enourmous task to edit these and put in folders, I think this will take till August to be completed. Only to start with a new series 2015 :-)

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