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 December Promtion:
Sign up before December 31 and and get extra months to enjoy all the stuff inside here.
Regular normal 4 months now 6 months
Premium normal 6 months now 9 months
VIP normal 12 months now 18 months
Thats 50% extra for free!

New option! Lifetime membership.
Since 2006 my site has been continious online (it only switched from hosts 2 times)
Now you can get a lifetime membership for only € 200,-
– No more expired memberships

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Milestone reached! All files are now online.


Today I reached a historical milestone!
All original files that where ever published are now online. This has’nt been the case for many years with the diminishing of all those file hosters, I kept on re-loading agian and again.
I only have to do some work on adding the preview images but the links are all there waiting for you to download. Depending on your connection speed it goes in minutes :-) If this is completed there will be more time left to go on with posting from the new stuff that’s waiting “on the shelve”, enough to get you through the winter. I hope you appreciate all the time and work I have put in this.
From now I accept new members!
The fastest and easiest way to pay is with Wester Union
You can use the Contact form to apply and I will mail you back for your membership and payment details.
European inhabitants can easy pay via bankwire (SEPA-countries), ask for details.

Things on my site have improved a lot. The absurd price raise of Rapidshare forced me to take things in my own hand. To go to another filehoster, re-uploading again all the stuff only to loose it again or get deleted……. and not to mention you had to buy a premium membersip, only to get an acceptable download speed. No! Not again.

All files are now on my own server!

Your advantages:
10 times faster download as with those file hosters (if you where premium, not to mention the ages it would take for a free account)
– No need to pay extra for download speed, this is all in.
– No limits in how many users are downloading or how much they are downloading
– No waiting times or anoying captcha codes
– Downloaded files can be bigger
– No adds or pop ups
– No spyware or coockies
– More frequent updates and posts, because I can upload 10 times faster :-)
– Files are getting better organized
– Finally its possible to get my complete collection on line, in all those years this was never the case.


Thank you,

Oh my, I forgot to reload the GC2009 series!



Deloseth just pointed that this series in black speedo was nowhere to be found. Sorry I forgot to re-load the 2009 GC series. Today I reloaded 9 sets in Premium and 17 sets in Regular. Only the links, the preview images will come later.

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