Serious call to all members, esp. the ones from the start!


Good pics do not come for free!
If you are a member from the beginning, you know it was realy cheap to get a membership.
I will not put the lifetime membership to discussion but isn’t about time you show your appreciation to help me with a new donation to help you all to better pics?
It is my intention to replace my lens in the next 2 weeks, now it is the time, the right season!

It’s getting time to replace one of my important tools. Almost more as important than a good camera is a good lens, so I put this on my wishlist:   aprox € 999,- 
Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM  all help is welcome.

I depend on you guys, any donation is helpfull!




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If you bought a lifetime membership, pleasy apply.
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